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The Taxonomy

Hierarchy Utility Equilibrium ꩧ၇ဓ

[Translator’s note: Sadly no completed chapter for this lamina was found amongst the author’s papers, only a short page of notes written after an apparent mishap, which we present here in its stead, in as equivalent form to the original notes as possible. Due to extensive shorthand and hurried penmanship these notes have been particularly difficult to decipher.]

Taxonomy, draft and old notes lost in departure from [illegible], jotting down reminders from memory for now

crystal lattice · cataloguing nested/overlapping ontologies, universally each [illegible]

balanced on verges vs present on lamina, verge > severed and remaining here, “lost” on cardinal

    lost objects in Hive

SKEINS · delightful petitioners, bizarre questions, intently learning not sure what? asked Rowen about his [unknown glyph] and color perception, me about Bloom/Islet tea, Soblei bead map, Tristo’s riddle, doppelganger experiment, took copy of notes &c

“essentialists” · material cause, formal cause, efficient cause, final cause · answering “why?” for each

unlocking/understanding & grouping by surface [illegible] filament: [unknown glyphs]

visual distortion effect · imagine folding paper · this is the topology [illegible] & so maps differently here

STORAGE · only what they lack, perfect handling, they will study it

    things they won’t store

    defense against treasure hunters · obscurity & size

perfectly unambiguous language · all statements inflected w emotional attitude, confidence, source, level of agreement, &c

transportation network · all laminae?

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