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The Lucidity

Synthesis Power Dissolution ꧪဋဗ

6 · Wind cannot blow the wind away, nor water wash away the water.

Jesma Shirancord, “Vectors”

The Lucidity is white. It is not bright, nor cloudy; there is no texture or shade. It is simply white, everywhere you look, and aperturesLocations where two realms are joined in such a way that you may slip between them. They appear as uncanny distortions through which passage can be disorienting and dangerous.Turn to chapter to uncharted regions open only to a directionless void. The Precepts who reside here howeverwiry and nearly-featureless petitionersSouls of the dead that have re-manifested on the most well-suited lamina, where they perfect and reshape themselves while carrying out pursuits in accordance with that lamina's principles.Turn to chapter in black robeshave graced their void with alabaster monasteries and halls of marble tile and pillars that ascend out of sight, and on this solid ground they gather in eternal contemplation and mental and physical training in pursuit of the mantra “lucid body, spacious mind, empty heart”.

The Precepts’ most notable pursuit is their ritual of Erasure, in which a number will congregate, silently and peacefully, in some cardinalThe cardinal worlds make up our foundational, everyday reality over which the laminae are layered.Turn to chapter location, unseen by most but visible to some through vergesThe thinning of the Ordial barrier between cardinal and laminal realities such that certain aspects of one may influence, be perceived, or be simultaneously present on the other.Turn to chapter. After a period of meditation ranging from hours to weeks, the OrdialThe membrane that divides laminae from cardinal worlds, a membrane which can be forded by various means.Turn to chapter will pull taut again, hiding the Precepts from view while at the same time the object of their attention is erased from existence. When they gather it is never clear what is going to be erased,1 and no one has witnessed the actual moment of Erasureit is said that this always comes when the target is held in the attention of only the Precepts and no others. In theory this suggests a possible counter: to have a sufficient number of defenders holding the target continuously in attention such that the moment of Erasure can never come.2 This of course is hampered by the impossibility of ascertaining what a given target may be.

The Precepts claim no magical abilities, only complete control over their faculties of consciousness and the flux between attention (which focuses steady consciousness on a single object) and awareness (which broadens consciousness to observe a wide range of perceptions). The proposed mechanism for Erasure is that many Precepts focus their attentions on the target and then, once they have fully enveloped every minute aspect of it in their minds, simultaneously snap their full consciousnesses away to an open awareness of the entire multiversethis transition is as if a tremendous vacuum opens in an instant, annihilating the object.

Reasons for particular Erasures are unknown, and the Precepts speak only cryptically with visitors. Some observers presume benevolence: that there is a grand plan of balance that Precepts enact through targeted adjustments, an explanation this visitor finds unlikely. Others propose that this is an intellectual study, for to understand how something is destroyed is to truly understand the thingevery object breaks in a way that is unique to it. This theory is supported by the sometimes artfully selected recipients of Erasures, for example a natural landmark removed that drastically alters the landscape and environment as a result, or a small yet key mechanical component the disappearance of which causes a device to be completely ruined upon its next use. Precepts have referred to their endeavor as an art, and perhaps they mean this not in the academic sense as a subject of study, but in the literal sense as the application of skill for purposes of joy and fulfillment.

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