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Translation Log

The 222nd Year L.C.

The Sixteenth of the First

Introductions have been translated for the the CrenellationAn endless fortress city divided into two warring factions that never dare come to blows, the Crenellation requires of its citizens absolute self-sacrifice, and with that clarity of purpose executes a vision of martial and material prowess with awesome efficiency.Turn to chapter, the BaubleThe Bauble is the ocean of dreams and nightmares. From vast warm shallows rippling with gardens of fancy and lilting tunes to dark crags and shadows of the quiet deep, the Inks who reside here guard drifting, delicate mortal minds against phantoms and rifts and the swells of storms and waves.Turn to chapter, and the BoughThe Bough is a hazily luminous land of waterways and forests in which Quells gently watch over the affairs of flesh: comforting the dying, exploring the congress of pain and pleasure, and plucking out the scars and memories of mortals who no longer need them.Turn to chapter, as well as has been the page of notes that makes up the only information we have concerning the Taxonomy[Unfortunately, for this lamina our only information comes from some hastily jotted notes, which suggest that the Taxonomy concerns itself with the archival and analysis of cardinal objects, a process presided over by inquisitive petitioners known as Skeins.]Turn to chapter.

The Fifteenth of the First

Introductions have been translated for the following laminae: the GraspInsisting that they are all merely different endeavors of the single collective intelligence that is the Grasp, the Frames who dwell in this place as petitioners seek to perfect themselves each according to their chosen pursuit, training for athletic, martial, and intellectual prowess in a network of chambers and environments especially suited to their continual improvement.Turn to chapter, the ConcordanceThe Concordance most closely resembles mortal hopes for an afterworld: a vast network of metropolises and landscapes in which mortals and petitioners alike seek to prove that suffering is not needed to give context to joy.Turn to chapter, the OvalThe Oval appears to be a complex place, but thanks to the jealous blessings of the Blinking Monarch, it will all seem rather simple once you've left.Turn to chapter, and the LucidityA blank, white void graced with marble monasteries in which contemplatives cultivate "lucid body, spacious mind, empty heart". The Precepts of the Lucidity focus their energies on enigmatic rituals of Erasure whereby they cause seemingly arbitrary targets to vanish from cardinal worlds.Turn to chapter.

The Fourteenth of the First

The introduction and outline of the ProcedureAn incomprehensible realm of deafening harmonics and shimmering geometries that shift and overlap, the Procedure brims with the zeal of the prismatic Looms, who diligently arrange and replay the affairs of mortal worlds in an effort to bring about a formation they call "the Pattern".Turn to chapter have been translated.

The Thirteenth of the First

The introduction of the IncrepationA boundless crevasse bisects the Increpation, atop which all the soldiers of every mortal battlefield fight amidst the fallen bodies of aeons. In the depths of the crevasse loom ornate catacombs that hold the Rues: anxious intellects weaving schemes and curses to unleash upon the rest of the multiverse, none of which have ever been observed to unfold.Turn to chapter has been translated.

The Twelfth of the First

The introduction and outline of the PastureUnique among all laminae, no petitioners have been found on the blizzarding tundra of the Pasture, only a small nomadic caravan of mortals pursuing a mental state of "unknowing" that they believe will allow their souls to become petitioners here, thereby restoring the lamina's role in the balance of the multiverse, and in persisting through this arctic wasteland they hope to one day find evidence of their success.Turn to chapter have been translated, as well as the entirety of the KylixOrdinary thought is impossible in the baffling avalanche of the Kylix: sensations strike with such speed and force as to crowd out thoughts of a conscious mind, and upon returning from this manic dream no clear memories remain, only a flood of images and a delirium that can last for hours. As a result it is nearly impossible to describe this lamina, and quite dangerous to venture there, but recurring images provide some insight as to its properties.Turn to chapter.

Our pace of translation improves in line with your humble translator’s fluency. Additionally, two understudies have completed their apprenticeships and now join the endeavor, and with each chapter fewer unfamiliar glyphs and terms remain that have not already been researched and added to our ever-growing Karedian dictionary.

The Ninth of the First

The introduction and outline of both the PremiseThe Premise roils with the bare phlogiston of Creation ꧠ, upon contact with which all matter erupts into chaos. Enormous trees rooted in nebulae form islands of stability for Rhemes who intend microcosms into existence out of the raw stuff of this place, enacting free will in a world lacking cause and effect, while the nautilus-shelled city of the Mutatorium invites seekers of self-transformation.Turn to chapter and the ReverieA realm for those who spent their lives saying "no", the Reverie is an endless stone plain in which geometric chasms hold solitary Eremites in rest and contemplation.Turn to chapter have been translated.

The Fifth of the First

Our shiftwrights have completed an adaptation of the author’s diagram laying out a cartography of the twenty-seven laminae. We have placed it on the title page of this collection.

The 221st Year L.C.

The Seventeenth of the Twelfth

The introduction and outline of the CicatrixFloating stony crags and tendrils wind through the endless sky and wind of the Cicatrix, in which the Marrows bear the verging currents of catharsis from across the multiverse, celebrating and mourning the passage of things in visceral ritual until the land and their own bodies become more scar than substance. As the airborne land slowly rotates, memorials eventually slip into the sky and are lost.Turn to chapter have been translated.

The Third of the Twelfth

The introduction and outline of the MaculaThe Macula is a pitch-dark realm where every shred of light and substance has long since been utilized by the alien and fractal Oriels to build curling, spectacular palaces in which they warp their minds and bodies in pursuit of ever more esoteric experiences of beauty.Turn to chapter have been translated. A note on one of these pages marked a quotation as being intended to preface the BloomA dazzling and hideous jungle in which everything blossoms and transforms and regenerates unpredictably. To its children, the Florets, it is a paradise garden for endless play within the forgiving embrace of their Mother.Turn to chapter.

The Twenty-Sixth of the Eleventh

A stray note describing “vergesThe thinning of the Ordial barrier between cardinal and laminal realities such that certain aspects of one may influence, be perceived, or be simultaneously present on the other.Turn to chapter” has been found, translated, and inserted into the Cosmography chapter.

The Eighth of the Eleventh

A Translator’s NoteTurn to chapter has been added.

The introduction and outline of the BraidRugged and serene badlands inhabited by the complex, inscrutable Limns, who bring quarreling mortals here in reverie to forge empathy in the light of a natural phenomenon known as the Echo, in which you witness in the actions of others a flash of the entire history of happenstance that leads up to their present.Turn to chapter have been translated.

The Twenty-Third of the Tenth

After some delay due to preparations for the Fora Incandesca and other matters, we have resumed our translation efforts.

The First of the Sixth

The Order formally enters the present workat this time comprising of translations of front matter, three laminae in full, and several more in partinto our library for consideration by associates. Significant translation work remains.

The Twenty-Second of the First

The Order has announced our possession of this text and committed to sharing significant translation progress with the broader scholarly community on the upcoming First of the Sixth, to coincide with the commemoration of the 350th anniversary of the establishment of the Order’s charter.

The 217th Year L.C.

The Sixteenth of the Ninth

The Order has gathered all extant Karedian works in our collection and from associates’ collections, as well as reviewed all available records on Ordial matters. Extensive research will be required before we can rigorously begin translation work.

The 215th Year L.C.

The Nineteenth of the Fourth

The source text of the present work has come into the Order’s possession.

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