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The Increpation

Hierarchy Power Dissolution ꩧဋဗ

25 · The knife likes to think of itself as a mirror.

Jesma Shirancord, “Vectors”

A boundless crevasse bisects the Increpation, dozens of yards across, but it is its upper surface that divides this lamina in two. Atop the crevasse in all directions is a wasteland populated by warring soldiers from every era and worldall mortal battlefields vergeThe thinning of the Ordial barrier between cardinal and laminal realities such that certain aspects of one may influence, be perceived, or be simultaneously present on the other.Turn to chapter upon the Increpation and their troops, mostly unawares, fight amidst the fallen bodies of aeons. In the depths of the crevasse (into which a steady stream of casualties plunge) an entirely different endeavor looms: in ornate and labyrinthine catacombs gather the petitionersSouls of the dead that have re-manifested on the most well-suited lamina, where they perfect and reshape themselves while carrying out pursuits in accordance with that lamina's principles.Turn to chapter of the place, the Rues, anxious intellects who weave schemes and curses to unleash upon the rest of the multiverse.

The Rues appear to have lost their ability to communicate with one another. They can still speak, and are sometimes found muttering to themselves, but they cannot understand the speech of others. These souls exist in constant fear of being unable to communicate, and so they work alone and take great pains to avoid interacting with one another. As a result, below the warring surface the Increpation is completely silent except for the sound of wind blowing through its bridges and tunnels.

With visitors too the Rues will not speak, and so we have only learned of the their affairs by reviewing the extensive documentation that they keep. Their endeavors range from personal curses and plotssuch as causing an individual to become an insomniac, or to be forever late to every appointment they maketo great schemes involving the restructuring of entire cultures. What they accomplish, however, is a complete mystery. Rues have never been sighted verging upon the cardinalThe cardinal worlds make up our foundational, everyday reality over which the laminae are layered.Turn to chapter, and every plan seem to have no correlation to reality. For example, one might find documentation of an effort to pollute the bloodline of a noble family over generations in order to watch a benevolent kingdom turn slowly upon its trusting populace, replete with details of allies and turncoats, locations to infiltrate, forgeries to employ, and all manner of analyses and strategies, but all of which refer to lands, cultures, names, and histories that have not been found even in the archives of the Taxonomy[Unfortunately, for this lamina our only information comes from some hastily jotted notes, which suggest that the Taxonomy concerns itself with the archival and analysis of cardinal objects, a process presided over by inquisitive petitioners known as Skeins.]Turn to chapter.

Is the multiverse too big? Is this lamina removed from the flow of time such that plans reference ancient happenings or predict things not yet come to pass? Are their schemes expertly obfuscated such that spying outsiders never understand them? Interlaminal powers tread carefully for fear of attracting the ire of the Increpation’s denizens, so many assume that the longest cons and most devastating corruptions can be traced back to this lamina, but not a whit has been verified.

[This chapter has not yet been translated. Please turn to the Inevitability, the Bloom, or the Unfolding for completed chapters. Recent additions can be found in the Translation Log.]

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